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How does it work?


  •  Glow Groom™ is a powerful natural supplement that is proven to gently and safely eliminate the causes of excessive tearing and staining.
  •  Effectively supports your pet’s immune system to fight and heal itself without interfering with the natural production of tears.
  •  The active ingredient in Glow Groom™  is a nutritional and herbal supplement, effective in combating severe inflammation of the eye and combating abundant and irritating eye discharge.  It also has excellent detoxifying properties.
  •  Glow Groom™ does not remove pre-existing stains nor is it a quick temporary fix to the problem.  It is a proven product that works from within on the underlying cause to gradually reduce weepy eyes and tear and coat stains at the source.

More Glow Groom stock is on its way - expected arrival is 3rd December, 2017. Back-orders are being accepted now for 120 gram jars & 500 gram bags only. Other sizes will be added to the range over the coming months. Thank you for your support. Dismiss